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Imagine Poker ~ Texas Hold'em (premium) app for iPhone and iPad

4.9 ( 3539 ratings )
Games Card Casino
Developer: Candywriter, LLC
3.99 USD
Current version: 2.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 43.21 Mb

• Enter a Texas Hold em tournament with 25 characters from history whose poker styles mimic their personalities. Real life strategists like Abe Lincoln, Genghis Khan, and Cleopatra partner with legends like the Cheshire Cat, Wicked Witch, and Abominable Snowman to convey the iPhones smartest poker AI with a touch of humor and imagination.

iPhoneAlley says: "Imagine Poker is an enjoyable, whimsical twist on the classic Texas Hold em genre. If youre looking for something slightly more entertaining than a straight-up poker game, Imagine Poker is a fantastic choice!"

=== Key Features ===

• 25 animated and talking opponents from history, each with their own humor and tells
• 6 beautiful rounds include Atlantis, Transylvania, and Wonderland
• Scroll around the room to study opponents poker tells
• Use finger gestures to adjust your bet
• Calculate your mathematical odds at any stage in a hand
• Unlock new characters by earning "Imagine Points"
• Play Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit Texas Hold em
• Based on the best-selling Mac game

=== Characters ===

• Abominable Snowman
• Abraham Lincoln
• Amelia Earhart
• Barack Obama
• Blackbeard
• Cheshire Cat
• Cleopatra
• Dracula
• Genghis Khan
• Grim Reaper
• Julius Caesar
• Little Red Riding Hood
• Marie Antoinette
• Medusa
• Merlin (from King Arthur)
• Mona Lisa
• Napoleon Bonaparte
• Ned Kelly (Aussie bush hero)
• Neptune
• Rendlesham the Alien
• Robin Hood
• Sherlock Holmes
• Stalin
• Tooth Fairy
• Wicked Witch

Pros and cons of Imagine Poker ~ Texas Hold'em (premium) app for iPhone and iPad

Imagine Poker ~ Texas Hold'em (premium) app good for

The check, bet, and all in buttons could be spaced a little farther apart, and the cards could be bigger. But, a great poker game... Worth the 3 bones.
Awesome characters great sound effects, funny little comments. Get it!!
Awsome, its not easy like most poker apps. Good characters only missing Hitler!!
3.5 stars. Worth the $3. Card size could be bigger--hard to distinguish 5, 6 and 8
One improvement idea. After doing a level have a single game mode option so if someone wants to play 1 game they can
This is the first and only app Ive ever paid for! Little red riding hood FTW. It could benefit from larger cards or not putting one behind the other, suit distinction is a bit tough without my face against the screen.

Some bad moments

Ill give two stars if it is free. There are lots of free programs available which offer better user experience. The game only allows either $10 raise or All-in. I wish I could get half my money back to return this lousy program. It does not even deserve one star but there is no more choice lower than the one star. I rely on the previous user reviews to make the purchase, may be those reviews are decoys from the seller himself.
The graphics need SERIOUS UPDATING, and game play is a bit redundant. They offer a gazillion characters, but more gameplay options would make it more interesting. I dont always want to play in a tournament, and I think its WEAK that you lose all your money when you level up and are forced to start at $0. :P
REALLY? I went write my review and it was giving me the option to send one that I never wrote, with several references to Fb and tweeter. I dont tweet and I dont like playing on or thru Fb. I have requested in the past to please give us the option to create our own avatar and to please add more characters. I also would like to see longer game tournaments and be able to pick game level & difficulty. Would not mind either if we could play with other people like the game Words with Friends, but also have the app let you choose how many pre-programmed opponents and how many live players combo. Now that would be really interesting, then I would al the stars +more ratings. In the meantime this game app have quite a few issues that makes it downright boring to play.
Game has gotten too hard! I used to win 76% of the time - now only 60%.
I used to like this game. But after winning level 1 and advancing, I discovered you return to level 1 again. You do not return to level 2 and replay there until you win. Correction you can play at level 2 without receiving any points or award for winning. So have fun unlocking new characters, etc. And you get zero points for just playing. Exactly what is the point? Wondering what new characters and historical locations Ill be experiencing is no longer fun after 60+ tournaments at the same level. Ive actually won playing poker with other apps. As well as in person, so its not just me. Im hoping youll fix your game soon, cuz a game, especially an animated, imaginary, historical poker game could be fun.

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