Imagine Poker ~ Texas Hold'em (premium) App Reviews

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a great Poker game with great characters! lovit

Really good.

A really good game. It took me hours.

Super Game

A Lot of Fun

Great poker game

The check, bet, and all in buttons could be spaced a little farther apart, and the cards could be bigger. But, a great poker game... Worth the 3 bones.

Imagine poker

Awesome characters great sound effects, funny little comments. Get it!!

Doesnt Worth the Money

Ill give two stars if it is free. There are lots of free programs available which offer better user experience. The game only allows either $10 raise or All-in. I wish I could get half my money back to return this lousy program. It does not even deserve one star but there is no more choice lower than the one star. I rely on the previous user reviews to make the purchase, may be those reviews are decoys from the seller himself.

Poker review

Awsome, its not easy like most poker apps. Good characters only missing Hitler!!

Good app

3.5 stars. Worth the $3. Card size could be bigger--hard to distinguish 5, 6 and 8

Love this app!

One improvement idea. After doing a level have a single game mode option so if someone wants to play 1 game they can


This is the first and only app Ive ever paid for! Little red riding hood FTW. It could benefit from larger cards or not putting one behind the other, suit distinction is a bit tough without my face against the screen.

Very good overall

The gameplay itself is very smooth and polished but the two things that could use work are the A.I. and the variety of comments the characters make. The A.I. Doesnt seem to want to protect their investment - they can bet 75% of their chips and if you raise by the tiny minimum bet, they fold, making it too easy to just buy the pot. Adding a few more sayings to each character would add to the variety as well. Definitely worth the money for the app.


Great Texas Hold em game. Very addictive. Always fun to beat Barack Obama. Great way to learn how to play of your new to poker. Definately worth paying for. Need more characters. Would like to play Elvis, the Pope, Forest Gump, George W, Queen Elizabeth, and of course Homer Simpson.

The Grim Reaper

I have been enjoying this app for sometime now, untill I got the grim reaper and now the game freezes! Not sure if it is a problem on my end, or with the app. Either way I cant play the game anymore:( If anybody can suggest a solution Im all ears:) At the moment I have one less addiction in my life! lol Also it would be great if you guys can work on adding some more caracters, maybe superheroes?

A great way to learn the basics

Although no AI can really provide a good substitute for playing against real people, Imagine Pokers characters do each have a distinctive style that makes for an entertaining game. The poker ghost is a great way to learn the relative strength of your hand and hone your own play style. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys Texas Hold Em and doesnt mind playing against an AI rather than real people.

Its Good

Entertaining and addictive. The cards are somewhat small and get difficult to read after a while (maybe I need glasses). On my 16GB Touch, the game just quits and goes back to the desktop every now and then, but when you restart the game it always goes back to exactly where you were. Just mildly inconveient. All in all, if youre looking for a solo Texas Holdem game, this one is good.


Nice and fun, well made!

Great game

Very addictive!

Fun and addictive

Tournament style would be fun


Fantastic poker game, great imaginative concepts, addictive!, and would be 5 star if only had more levels. Please add more levels!!!!! Its challenging right until you win and its over. Needs more for sure. I play all the time so you know its good. I stick to very few apps and this is one of them! Download is very worth it.

Imagine poker game

Well made and very addictive!

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